The Beach and the Waves.

When we were kids, whenever we used to go out we used to hold the fingers of our parents very tight scared to let go. Then comes the time you want to let go, explore the outside world where you make your own memories and mistakes.
Travel for me is more than just a vacation, it’s life. The freedom that comes with it is just a bonus. I have been and settled in many hills station where the air is not filled with pollution and the traffic sound is a myth, where the rivers follow the roads and the sunshine is magical. But I have lived in cities and urban centers too where you can get lost in the floods of people, where traffic sounds becomes a part of life, where partying is easy and fun.  But my favorite travel destination are coastal areas, where the humidity in the air is irritating, but the feeling of water playing with your legs is a stress buster, where everything is made in coconut oil but the wet sand feels amazing when you walk, where just sitting by the water with the air making your hair looks scary can make it easy to relax and think.

I left my mom’s hand recently, I just turned 18 and the same month I went to my first trip without my family to GOA. The only thing on my mind while packing the bag was that what all I’m going to see there or what all places I’ll explore, how far into the ocean I’ll swim. With all this anxiety and the butterflies in my stomach I somehow managed to pack my stuff, make a list of adventure I want to have there and I could not help but have a smile on my face till the day of my flight.
When I got of that plane I could not feel the hot humid air but a gust of freshness and the smell of the ocean. All along the way to the hotel I had my head out the window feeling the air on my face and letting the reality of me being there finally set in.  The people that I went with I didn’t knew them much but I guess that was a part of my adventure list, roaming around with strangers.

Our routine for the whole week was set and same. We left the hotel at 9 am went to a cafe by the ocean, leave after lunch to a new beach every time stay there till 9 then off to a club which we left at 4 in the morning, go back to the hotel at 5 and repeat. The best of all this routine was the beach, where I used to leave everyone behind and walk on the sand where the water last reached. I used to walk for hours, in fact one day I didn’t realize and reached a new beach just by walking.  But it didn’t matter because what I saw was marvelous. Sand art, people dancing, practicing singing, foreigners who were high and trying to sell handmade hand-loom for money.
The walks were the main reason that I like to go to the numerous beaches we went to everyday. I used to sit in the sand with the water reaching my thighs and the sun in my eyes and it’s reflection in the water. Somehow sitting there alone I found my sanctuary. Like I belonged there.  I somehow knew at the moment that whatever I have planned for myself was right and that my dream is worth all the troubles and hurdles cause it will lead me to living that experience again and forever.

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